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Learn the Secrets of Success

and live the life you have always dreamed of

At the ByPrem Academy website you will find everything you need to take control of your life and manifest the life you have always dreamed of. There are courses, resources, and support for your personal development, as well as ideas on how to apply your learning into improved life-skills.

Better motivation
Improved personal skills
Improve your physical health
Improve your mental and emotional health
Boost your vitality
Get out of debt
Develop financial freedom
Better relationships
Become more assertive
Develop leadership skills
Make more time, Become more relaxed
Develop an enjoyable, abundant career

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This is the first step towards playing the Games of Life successfully.
Life can be seen as a Game. These courses teach you how to live life more playfully, less stressfully and more successfully.

What are the Games of Life?
Develop your understanding and skills in each Game
to create the benefits you want in your Life

The Game of Self
Developing your Greatest Asset, You
The Game of Self comes first, that’s why it’s free.
Understand who you are and allow yourself to be the unique wonderful person that you are. This is the foundation for success in all the Games of Life.

The Game of Health
Boost vitality, health and confidence
The Game of Health is not simply a search for perfect health and fitness without the sufferings of pain and disease.
Your body is the vehicle in which you live your life so give it proper care and maintenance to keep it functioning well.

The Game of Money
Build your Wealth
The Game of Money is not about how much you earn, but what you choose to keep, and what you do with it.
It is a game of our Past, Present and Future.

The Game of People
Develop Positive Relationships
The Game of People starts with knowing ourselves and our own values, we can then be true to our self. Communicate better by understanding each others needs, and build effective networks to help ourselves manifest our true potential.

The Game of Time
Keep Calm and Achieve More
Develop a clear vision and use obstacles to help us achieve our goals.
Be in touch with our own rhythms and in sync with the rhythms of nature.

The Game of Work
Fulfil your Destiny
Work is about self expression, finding our life’s mission and fulfilling it. Understand who we are and what we want to be, and offer our service to our community and reap the rewards we deserve, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the associated financial rewards.


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